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American School of Durango

Website: http://www.cadurango.mx/ Tel: +52 (618) 813-3636 CEEB Code: 870140

General Director: Lariza Niebla

Preeschool Coordinator: Velia Santiesteban

Elementary Coordinator: Prisca Donna-Lee George

Middle School Principal: Dalia Joseph

High School Principal: Jorge Luis Rodríguez Rodríguez

Directions and Map: Our main campus is located Av. Tec. Milenio #201 El Nayar, Durango, Dgo.


The American School of Durango (ASD) is a private, non-profit, K-12 college preparatory school located in Durango, Mexico, and established in 1954 with the cooperation of the American Schools Offices of the Department of Education. Since its inception, ASD has been accredited by the Secretary of Public Education (SEP) and the Universidad Juarez del Estado de Durango. ASD obtained additional accreditations from AdvanceEd, a division of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools(from 1997 to present) and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) (from 1998 to present). ASD is located in the city of Durango, Mexico. Students receive United States and Mexican diplomas upon graduation.

The main industries in Durango are textiles, lumber and wood products, auto parts production, mining, food processing, and electronics. Some of the larger employers in in the city of Durango include Carhartt, Honda, and Wal-Mart.


As of September 2019, ASD has 639 students:

Early Childhood 179 students
Elementary (grades 1-6) 236 students
Middle and High school (grades 7-12) 224 students
The population is predominantly Latino (95%) with the remainder being of American or Asian citizenship.

Early Childhood and Elementary have purpose-built classrooms that offer spaces for multiple activities that enhance the learning environment. Early Childhood is designed for maximum class sizes of 15. Early Childhood also has a separate computer lab specifically designed for early years learning. Elementary is designed for a maximum of 20 students per classroom and 60 students per grade. The Elementary school has a separate library/media center as well as a computer lab. The middle and high school is currently housed within a separate building with plans to build a modern, purpose-built facility within the next two years. Growth projections can support classes of 20 students with a maximum of 60 students per grade. The middle and high school includes a science lab, a computer laboratory, and a library/media center.

Currently, the average class size is 18. The teaching faculty at ASD includes teachers from the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Turkey, Dominican, Denmark, Surinam, Grenada and Mexico.

ASD has a regulation sized football pitch surrounded by a 400-meter track for training. There are six basketball courts that can also be used for other sports such as volleyball. Four of the courts have a covered dome to protect against the elements. There is also a cafeteria that serves the entire student body. In the near future, there will be a covered football pitch for seven vs seven and PE classes

ASD is focused on providing a rigorous learning environment that encourages high expectations of all, with an eye towards preparing our students to study successfully around the world. ASD continues to provide ethical, life-long learning leaders with the tools they need to overcome challenges in an ever-changing, globalized world. ASD attracts students from families representing a large variety of Mexican professionals who seek bilingual English-Spanish education for their children. Many of our current families have been part of ASD since its beginning. As a result, the school has a proud sense of tradition, commitment, and ownership.


ASD strives to empower students to be critical thinkers, collaborative problem solvers, and socially conscious citizens in the global community


The American School of Durango provides a bilingual, multicultural education that inspires academic excellence and develops leadership skills and values for students to succeed and excel in a global world.

Core Values and Belief Statements

Act with Courage

    • Learning results from the courage to take risks, to learn from failure, and to persevere

    • The community acts responsibly, with integrity, and protects the rights of all individuals

    • Creativity, critical thinking, the ethical use of technology, and a life-long passion for learning are essential to meet the challenges of the future

Success for Every Student

    • Every student can succeed

    • Education at ASD shall promote integrity, curiosity, ignite imagination, increase confidence, and honor every child's potential.

    • Collaboration and teamwork are essential skills to solve complex problems

Diversity and Inclusion

    • Diversity and inclusion are essential components of a nurturing, holistic learning environment that celebrates individual differences, abilities, and learning styles.

    • We act with kindness, caring and compassion for the community and the world

    • Programs and role modelling are essential to foster community values:

      • All people deserve care and compassion

      • Empathy comes from a deeply held desire to improve the lives of others

      • The preservation of human dignity is a fundamental right

      • Volunteer social and community service is fundamental to teaching values


    • Education should promote curiosity, ignite imagination, increase confidence, and honor every child's potential.
    • Learning results from the courage to take risks, to learn from failure, and to persevere
    • Creativity, critical thinking, the ethical use of technology, and a life-long passion for learning are essential to meet the challenges of the future


The academic program is college preparatory, with leveled curriculum in all core subjects Math, Science, History, English and Spanish. For most subjects, ASD incorporates Common Core Standards http://www.corestandards.org/ while also recognizing the unique nature of our student population. In science, ASD has adopted the Next Generation Science Standards, as we believe these standards support our philosophy of developing critical thinking and deeper inquiry skills.

ASD is a bilingual educational institution based on the best North American teaching practices. Through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, graduates earn a U.S. and Mexican high school diploma after passing US History, English, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and advanced Math requirements. The middle and high school programs require community service on a yearly basis.


The American School of Durango has a broad range of sports, activities, and events that are intentionally chosen to support the academic, social, and moral growth of our student population.

In the Early Childhood and Elementary years, students can choose after-school activities in basketball, Taekwondo, or homework assistance to improve foundational math and/or English skills.

Students begin the transition to team sports in Elementary and Middle school, with a strong focus on developing teamwork, basic skills, and strategies. The emphasis in Elementary and Middle School is on participation and getting all students involved in at least one activity.

By high school, we continue to support total student involvement, however, there is a transition to selected leadership positions and Varsity sports. ASD participates in ASOMEX and invitational events to foster teamwork, competition, and learning the values inherent in participating in local, national and regional events. As much as possible, we encourage students to take leadership roles in organizing events, or at least participating to an extent that allows an understanding of leadership and organization.

Clubs and activities include: Model United Nations (CADMUN), National Honor Society of America, Student Council, and Community Service Program (mandatory). Sports include Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, and Track & Field teams.

Of note, we are also very supportive of our students who participate in events and activities outside of school. We have several nationally ranked tennis and golf players, students who have set up their own foundations for community service, and a host of other sports and activities.


GPA is computed using the below quality points. Beginning with grade ten, all subjects, whether passed or failed, are included in the computation. In addition, each student must complete 90 hours of community service as a graduation requirement. Grades are recorded on the transcript and GPA is computed in January and June.


ASD is in the process of offering AP courses in August 2020.


ASD does not rank use Class Ranking

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