Early Childhood

Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten…

A popular expression we often hear is, “everything I need to know, I learned in Kindergarten.” While this may not be entirely true, there is some wisdom to be gained from these words. In pre-school and Kindergarten students learn crucial life skills that form the foundation of future academic and social success.


Each day, we greet bright, curious students who bring a wealth of diversity and culture from all over the world. Students engage in activities that promote academic growth; but perhaps more importantly at this age, students learn social skills such as perseverance, collaboration, compassion, commitment, and care for self and others. Research in neuroscience supports this age as a critical age to develop the neural pathways that will connect cognitive, cultural, and linguistic development. From sights and smells, to sounds and textures, our teaching team capitalizes on the senses of our students to engage them in learning that is fun, exciting and meaningful.


Our teachers are highly-trained in the specific area of early childhood development and they work hard as a team to ensure horizontal and vertical development of the whole child during these critical years. In particular, teachers are aware of the challenges that students face with learning a second language, thus teachers develop research-based, specific strategies to find the balance between “fun learning a new language” and the “rigor of learning proper vocabulary, grammar and structure.” Teachers are also trained in areas to ensure the safeguarding of all children is a priority.


A focal point of early childhood education is building the habits of mind and body that will sustain students for the future. We encourage parents to join us to ensure that students have healthy eating habits, come to school well-rested, prepared to learn, and to be physically active. These habits of mind and body are best reinforced with a consistent message from school and home, therefore we invite parents to communicate openly with teachers at each stage of the learning process. We look forward creating a learning experience for your child that will set the foundation for present and future growth.

Mrs Akui Santiesteban earned a Bachelor´s degree and Master´s degree in education. She has 30 years of experience as a teacher, coordinating elementary and preschool.

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